Our standards are unsurpassed within the industry. The Downeast brand lobster and crab packs have been reviewed by chefs across North America as being the most consistent pack, with the best taste and texture. Our on-site laboratory, BRC (GFSI) food safety and quality certifications, and highly trained professional quality control and production teams ensure that customer product specifications, as well as government and industry regulations, are met or exceeded. The proof is in our product. Try it.


Words don't make a great product, people do. True quality starts with procurement. Our understanding of the pit-falls inherent in seasonal and regional variations of raw material acquisition is a key variable in delivering a consistent product. Our production and quality control teams oversee and implement our strict standards at all three of our processing facilities, ensuring the best possible customer experience. Lastly, our sales and marketing team facilitates the correct placement of the finished product. At Downeast, success and excellence are fostered throughout the organization. Employees are encouraged to further their growth through training programs, designed upward mobility and promotion from within. Our goal is for all our valued employees to take pride and ownership of our product line and to strive for perfection on behalf of our customers.


It is perhaps in the synergy of these two departments that the Downeast Brand has most greatly differentiated itself from its competitors. Downeast Specialty Products are unique. Rather than make one product and simply ask the customers to buy it, we educate them to the possible product variations, and produce what our customers actually need. The customer educates us about the product application, quality, quantity and price issues of their projects. Our Sales, Marketing and Quality Control Department looks to ensure the best fit from our product mix, and can even engage in production of custom packs to order. Some of the largest seafood customers in North America have taken advantage of the Downeast designer program. It is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to work with you and establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Building strong Ties Over 70 Years

Founded in 1948 and established as Cape Bald Packers, the growth and success of the Downeast brand has evolved significantly with one thing in common. We have stayed true to our philosophy, "If you make a top quality product, provide excellent customer service and above all, maintain integrity, business will come."