At Downeast, we view sustainability as a crucial component of our business model. As a primary processor, we work to align ourselves with fisheries that pursue the goals of long term vitality and viability. Our involvement with the Atlantic lobster fishery began in 1948, and we have long been a proponent of continued efforts to protect the fishery while supporting the many fisherman and families that depend on the resource.
  • We currently hold Marine Stewardship Council chain of custody certification for snow crab (Gulf of St. Lawrence (suspended), Scotian Shelf, and Newfoundland and Labrador) and for lobster (Bay of Fundy, Scotian Shelf, and Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence; Prince Edward Island; and Gulf of Maine (suspended)).
  • We are currently a member of the Lobster Council of Canada, and support its efforts towards the lasting sustainability of the Atlantic lobster fishery.